Who we are

Fusioncore Interactive is a new game development company with a unique team of many talented individuals. Our goal is to create high-quality, enjoyable, and exciting games across a variety of genres, with a broad audience. Learn more about our team below!

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Robert ("Rob") Munday

"When I'm not animating you will find me gaming, collecting copious amount of films, especially in my favourite genre of horror, old horror, new horror if it has any form of fright, scares or gore I am all over it. Now I'm not saying I am happiest when animating but when a character comes to life in motion safe to say my excitement levels get high!"

Steven Bruening

"Hey guys! I'm Steven, our web-designer and finance manager. I also handle our social media accounts most of the time. When I'm not hanging out with friends or working, I love to run and fish. I also enjoy a good movie, especially Quentin Tarantino films"

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David McKee

"I started playing piano when I was 3, but kind of skipped out on piano practice... a lot. I've been producing music since my first year of high school in 2004. If you look at my music playlist on Spotify or youtube or whereever, you'll be hardpressed to find something that either isn't video game music, or doesn't sound like video game music.The orchestral music beds of modern games sound nice, but I'm more a fan of the sound of VG music from the 90s and early 2000s. I also like saying random words! "Hot fried arm chairs!"

Jiho ("Andrew") Kim

"I make the game happen... ;)" He'd write more, but he's too busy programming."

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David Castillo

"Game design major with a passion for creating worlds and characters. Started drawing after a fateful encounter with anime and manga. Other art styles later helped fuse a unique artistic identity in his recent work. Can be found livestreaming and collaborating with Johnny and Jonathan on various material. Learning more about the dark art of game art each possible minute. Does see daylight when the desire to skateboard emerges."

Jonathan ("Jon") Castillo

"Honing artistic ability both technical and conceptual is a passion. Located on the east coast biding time and moving forward towards higher goals always. Enjoys the occasional game marathon or chill days."

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Julien Tonsuso

"Been working as a Level Designer for PS2 and PSP games and then as a Flash developer for brands such as Samsung and LVMH, earning an FWA award along the line. Now going back to what i like doing which is Level Design while trying to help in other fields when possible"

John Sung

"Born in Virginia but grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. Studying political science and working at the same time. I like to write, read, and play games as much as I can while listening to Chance the Rapper. I also play guitar and worked in QA for Bethesda Softworks during that time I got to master's league in starcraft. I'm also working on a graphic novel with Yanomeko that has been in development for several years."

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Sharon ("Rose") Hackney

"A North Carolina native in love with video games, music, and visual art. You'll find me creating 3D models and Environment Art. After graduating from William Peace University with a degree in Simulation Game Design in 2015, I completed a year contract as a Level/Set Designer for Prologue Games in Durham, NC. During my final semester I was contracted through iFreestore for a serious gaming project where my primary role was operating the motion capture studio for Duke Medicine. In general, I love making environments and worlds come to life!"